Upcoming Shows

16th December - Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath. 9pm. Free. w/ Banska; Lunar Society and Coyote

17th December-  Ort Cafe, Balsall Heath. 7:30pm. £5. Layla Tutt's Winter Gathering

21st December- Gunmaker's Arms, Birmingham. 7:30pm w/ Karen Swan; Daniel Bloor; Kate Wilkins; David Freja; Bethany Dyson                                      and Layla Tutt

27th December- The Station. 8pm. £3. w/ Rob Peters; Anne-Marie Allen; Giant Elf Fist; Alice Dillon; Mike Bethel; Laurence Inman                                         and Robin Bailey

12th February- The Dark Horse. 9pm. Free. w/ Megan Robinson

8th March- The Dark Horse. 8:30pm. Free