Songwriter, pianist, singer. Performs solo and with Goodall. 
Sarah Workman
Drummer, singer, actor. Starred in 'One Minute Heroes' and is a member of ska band Ruder Than U.
Thom Hollick
Experimental multi-instrumantalist and improviser.
Jack Smith
Drummer, ukelelaliest , songwriter
Joe LaBine
Frontman of The Hoop. Poet, performer, songwriter. Plays guitar on 'Saskatoon'

Joe Priest
Bassist, Pianist, Sound-technician.
Stephen Ashford
 Guitarist, performs with Goodall and is a member of Grafton Ash: 
Canadian electronic artist, occasionally does joint shows with Goodall.
David Freja
Singer/songwriter. Goodall produced his album 'Strom'. Performs on 'Way Home' on the album 'Canada'.
 Kitty Harper
Director of the Subtlety video. Writer, musician, videographer.